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Services Offered:
Get the right amount of support you need...
Basic Consult:  
  • Hour Zoom or in-person intake + exploration and initial consultation.

All Packages are designed to articulate your needs and family planning for preschool or kindergarten.
Package 1:  
  • Hour Zoom or in person consultation intake + exploration.

  • Curated list of potential matches based on individual criteria. 

  • 1 weekly check-in (via email) to review application, process or any other follow up questions.

  • List of application deadlines and details per each school.

  • One half hour follow up to provide pre-application guidance.

  • One zoom or call of 15 minutes before applications are due + one 30-minute zoom or call after decisions are received.

Package 2:
  • All the items in Package 1 +

  • 1:1 in home visit with child. 

  • Assessment where child is socially, emotionally , physically and academically and what schools would be a good fit for them to thrive in.

  • Weekly email or call to check-in to discuss progress or address any other questions.

  • Priority review of school questions.

  • 30-minute zoom or call meetings monthly.

  • 30 minute Zoom or call check-in prior to submitting application.

  • 30 minute check in prior to accepting offer. 

  • 60-minute zoom or call after decisions are received (can be broken into two 30 min).

Package 3:
  • All of Package 1 + Package 2 +

  • Hands on application support and execution. 

  • Scheduling option. 

Add on's:
Scheduling option
  • Create or edit Ravenna account (requires intake form and shared password).

  • Schedule tours, interviews, and open houses (requires Calendly account to check availability)”.

Home visit and assessment
  • 1:1 in home visit 60 minutes with child to assess where they are socially, emotionally, physically, and academically and what schools would be a good fit for them to thrive in. 

  • Assessment completed after home visit.

  • 30 minute assessment follow up. 

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