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We are now accepting inquiries for Fall 2024 - we will have a cohort of six children. 


We learn through nature-based play and curriculum. Guided by communal activities centered in art, music, storytelling, nature and outdoor exploration.


We promote healthy and vegetarian snacks.  We encourage simple menus of nutrient-dense food to fill your little ones' bellies.


When in session, Playschoolsf provides preschool for children ages 2-4 years old. Healthy and vegetarian snacks are provided daily. We host organic learning through nature-based play and curriculum.  Through these communal activities involving art, music, storytelling, and outdoor exploration children flourish.


During the first semester as we are learning to get to know one another, building trusting relationships with new adults and what it is to be a friend and have a friend. 


Hours are 9:30am-12:30pm Tuesday and Thursday 


Daily flow 


9:30am: Drop off free play 

9:50am-10:20am: Circle and morning meeting 

10:20am: Potty /diaper changing / wash hands 

10:30am: Snack 

10:50am-11:00am:  Start our hike and outdoor classroom exploration 

11:50am -12:00pm: Return free play in field or playground closing circle/ song 

12:30pm: Pick up 

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